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TerraVin is proud to be a part of the New Zealand Winegrowers sustainability programme, which now covers an estimated 94% or more of New Zealand’s producing vineyard area.

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand was established in 1994 as an industry initiative and was commercially introduced in 1997 and adopted by growers from all the grape growing regions. The introduction of winery standards in 2002 has been a significant development, which further substantiates the industry commitment to sustainable production.

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand was developed in order to:

  • Provide a 'best practice' model of environmental practices in the vineyard and winery.
  • Guarantee better quality assurance from the vineyard through to the bottle.
  • Address consumer concerns regarding products which are made taking care to respect the environment.


Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand is an integral part of the future of New Zealand wine production.  TerraVin is fully committed to being’ SWNZ certified’ and to contributing to, and developing with, the sustainability programme.

More information http://www.nzwine.com/sustainability/

The commitment to sustainability is a ‘whole company’ philosophy and extends to our choice of bottles, labels and cartons, all of which contain high proportions of recycled material.

As part of the Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand programme, TerraVin is audited in the vineyard, the winery and the office every year.